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We're about creating great stories for brands across all digital platforms. We're specialists in brand content, creative digital campaigns and digital marketing strategies and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the Middle East and some of the newest.

In 2009, Digital Ape started like many successful companies in the digital space do - with a laptop, a website, tons of passion and a bedroom that doubled as an office. Fast forward to today and Digital Ape houses a full team of creative, online savvy people working across the Middle East and beyond.

We began life as a web publisher (triplew.me and hellwafashion.com were our properties) with a different - we never really had banner ads. We instead made content for brands and gave them an audience - these days that's called native advertising. When that started to grow faster than the web business in 2013, we focused on the Digital Ape you see now.

Our connection to creative communities across the Middle East means that we also run content campaigns with creators (aka influencers to some, we prefer creators) - our relationships are more than transactional, we have a different approach and deliver great engagement and content together

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