D/A is a specialist consulting agency that exists to tell great stories informed by data that help grow our clients’ businesses.

How? We developed our own data platform, Sila, to deliver creative, effective and intelligence-driven marketing campaigns that deliver real ROI for our clients.

Data & insights

We help businesses understand people in their digital world through our proprietary digital insights platform, Sila. With limitless insights into consumer preferences, we're able to solve any brand challenge with clear vision and intelligence.


We call them creators at D/A, because the content they create forms communities that become valuable to brands. We have worked with creators since 2012, being the first Middle East-based agency to work with all types of creators across some of the world's biggest brands, driven by our data platform Sila.


D/A harnesses the power of Sila, the insights platform we developed & own, matched with human intelligence to build best in class, effective data-led creative across social and digital. We do strategy, content development, creative campaigns and social management.