Data & Insights

Understanding digital consumers
By helping some of the world’s largest companies understand their digital consumers, we put them on the right path to unlocking insights that change businesses.
Proprietary data system
We built Sila to be a proprietary data system to understand people better.

Currently we:

  • Ingest millions of data points a day across social media and the web, in Arabic.
  • Our award-winning insights team (including data scientists) helps connect the gap between our data science and actionable insights.
  • We blend research, strategy and trends into one, custom, service for each client.
  • Our agency side of the business can then utilise those insights to grow your business.
Intelligent data-led marketing
That’s where blend science with know-how – after 10+ years in the GCC we understand the market dynamics more than most. Clear paths forward and recommendations, and if you want it, we will implement.

We believe in the power of intelligent, data-led marketing that helps our clients win.

Intelligent data-led marketing